Not quite

Well, unfortunately I didn't win NaNo this year. I had time issues and trouble focusing, and I just couldn't quite get to 50,000 words, but I still got a lot done, a little over 38k, I believe. Becoming Family is obviously still happening, and I look forward to finishing it up and planning the release.

More and more a solo trip to Destin for a week so I can write undisturbed looks appealing, but I just don't know if I can afford it. I'll have to keep checking prices on rentals...

On the plus side, November was an amazing month for The Only One in terms of Kindle Unlimited reads. I had the most pages read of any month since I published it, which is still a little mind-blowing for me. It's begun to taper off, but I'm hopeful that the No Safe Place promo over Christmas will provide a little boost to all of my books.

I hope everyone who celebrates had a good Thanksgiving, and I hope everyone's December is off to a good start!

Halfway point

Well, NaNo's been on for two weeks now, and I haven't had time to post about it on here until now.

Unfortunately, things are going a little slower than I'd hoped, but I'm not giving up yet. I'm not to the halfway point yet, word count wise, but I'm trying to push through, and I'm hoping this week may be a little bit easier. I leave for Colorado a week from today, and I'm really hoping I'll be able to be a lot more productive while I'm out there.

I've just posted another excerpt on Patreon, something else I've gotten behind on, what with being so busy and trying to squeeze in time to write when I can. There are now two there, and if you'd like to see that and the new one, and hopefully at least a couple more to come, be sure to become a subscriber at the $5 tier.

In other book news, I've scheduled a promo for No Safe Place over Christmas, like I usually do, so keep an eye out for that, and be sure to spread the word to anyone who …

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I don't usually do very much, and tonight's no exception (we don't typically get trick-or-treaters). Currently just watching Scream and hoping to maybe poke at Crimson Hollow Book 2 a little bit.

Tomorrow, however, is November 1, which means the start of NaNoWriMo. I'm really excited to start working on Becoming Family, and I feel confident that I can get most of it written during NaNo, but I never like to make guarantees about that kind of stuff. (Mostly because I'm usually wrong, lol.)

I'll post updates here throughout the month, and remember, if you want to see Patreon-exclusive excerpts, be sure to become a Patron at the $5 tier! And good luck to all of you who are also doing NaNo this year.

Getting closer

The month is almost over, which means NaNo begins on Friday! I'm unbelievably excited to start working on Becoming Family. Remember, if you want exclusive sneak peeks during November that I won't be posting anywhere else, subscribe to my Patreon at the $5 tier.

Be sure to check out the project page, and if you're doing NaNo this year, feel free to add me as a buddy!

The free promotion of The Only One went rather well, with just over 5700 downloads. Thank you to everyone who downloaded it or borrowed it through Kindle Unlimited. If you like it, please leave a review on Amazon!

I may do a promotion of No Safe Place around Christmas, like I usually do, but I haven't decided yet (mostly because I need to be able to buy promos to make it worthwhile, and I need money for that, lol), but stay tuned on that front.

Free Week, Day Two

The Only One's first free day went extremely well, with just over 3300 downloads! Today's been a bit slower, but still steady, with just over 700 downloads so far. Here's hoping some of these will lead to new reviews ;)

As promised, here's another excerpt, this one a little bit steamier than yesterday's. If you haven't yet already downloaded your copy, hopefully this will entice you to do so...


The brief ride to his building was silent and awkward, and Piper's stomach fluttered anxiously as she stared out the window. She kept feeling his gaze on her, and she took a shallow breath, wondering if she could actually follow through with her decision.

When they arrived at his building, the driver popped the trunk, and Richard lifted his suitcases out, setting them on the sidewalk. He thanked the driver, and then bent to lift his suitcases, gently rebuking Piper when she tried to help.

They headed up to his floor, and Piper hurried to unlock the door, holdin…

Free Week, Day One

I sort of forgot to do any actual preparation for it this weekend, lol, but The Only One is currently free in the Kindle store (including all international Amazon markets as well!). So far it's doing rather well, with some help from a Freebooksy promo that ran this morning, and I'm hoping it maintain some of the momentum over the week.
If you have not yet read The Only One, head on over to Amazon and grab your free copy! And if you need some incentive, have a little excerpt featuring some flirting and mutual appreciation ;) I'll try to post a few more excerpts this week, so keep an eye out!
"So, as you can see, the floor plan is completely open," Piper said as Richard stepped in behind her.  Richard nodded as he stared around. "Just like her flat in London, so I know she'll love that. And I think she'll really love the exposed brick too."  Piper nodded as well. "It's both sort of traditional and modern. Everything is updated," she …

NaNoWriMo 2019: A Continuation

I've spent the last week naming the rest of my characters in Becoming Family, and also casting them because that's what I do, and now I'm finally done, so I thought I'd share the casting, and also a brand new summary.
Natalie Rose thinks she's doing well enough with her life. She's got a good job and a decent apartment in New York City, and though life could be better, it could certainly be much worse.  When she discovers she's pregnant two months after a one-night stand, it's a considerable bump in the road. She knows nothing about the man she slept with beyond his first name - Nick - but she figures she can handle this well enough on her own, until she suddenly loses her job, and consequently, her apartment.  Desperate now, with no one to turn to, she takes what money she has left and leaves the city, heading north to a small town in upstate New York to find the father she's never met, a lawyer named Graham Elliot.  Graham is understandably surpr…