Becoming Family: Chapter One

I've finally gotten back into working on Becoming Family in earnest, and decided to share the first chapter here! I'm really really hoping to get this finished and out soon, so I thought I'd give a little taste of what's to come. I'm hoping to post more excerpts to Patreon (I know I always say that, but I always mean it when I say it...), so if you'd like to see more before it's published, head over there to become a Patron!

2021 is a mess so far

Apologies for not updating this in so long. I don't know if anybody even reads this thing, but maybe there are a few of you out there. 2021 has been a weird year for me so far. For reasons I can't explain (possibly depression related?), I turned my laptop on maybe 3 or 4 times between January and like, the end of April. I've always been a person who was on my laptop daily, and for some reason, that changed at the beginning of this year. Of course, that also meant I wasn't writing. I have finally, within the last few days, started turning on my laptop again and working on Becoming Family , but man... it's been a process. I want to get this book out, but my brain is just not functioning right lately. I'm stressed about money (as always), and I need a new job, but looking for a job is probably the most depressing thing in the world. Sometimes I wish I had another marketable skill, especially something that was a little bit more instant gratification, like YouTube o

Starting 2021 a month late

So. It's 2021. Happy New Year, a month later. 2021 hasn't started out super great for me, lol. I mean, nothing really bad has happened, but I think I hit the COVID slump a bit later than everybody else and have spent the past month just playing games on my iPad and watching random shows. (What have I been watching, you ask? First I discovered Bailey Sarian's "Murder, Mystery, and Makeup" videos on YouTube and spent a good week and half/two weeks devouring all of those and seriously, if you're into true crime and enjoy watching people put on makeup, I highly recommend checking her out  [and she's posting a new video tomorrow!]. After that I watched The Zoo on Animal Planet, which I've seen before but it's fun and basically comfort viewing, and then I got sucked into Dr. Pimple Popper on TLC, lol.) But yeah, I pretty much didn't turn my laptop on for a month, and now I'm trying to get back into the habit and trying to start actually being pro

Where does the time go?

Well, a lot of things have happened in the past month, lol. Still have my same job, but started a new client who I really like and they're really easy. Unfortunately, I've been off work for the past almost two weeks because I ended up having carpal tunnel release surgery on my left hand. I have my post-op follow-up tomorrow, and hopefully he'll give me a work release so I can go back. Because of this, I haven't been able to do much of anything, but my hand is feeling much better (as evidenced by me typing this blog post...), and I'm hoping to dive back into Becoming Family , make the changes that need to be made, and finally get that released. I did not think this would become a year-long odyssey, but such is 2020... Also hoping once I get that out, I can embrace the season and start working on Winter's Noelle . Obviously I didn't end up doing NaNo this year, but hopefully no matter. Fingers crossed it won't take long to write, but I can't make any p

Cover Designer Spotlight + Cover Reveal

When I first started self-publishing books, I made my own covers, because it was cheaper. Having spent several years making graphics for fun for the various fandoms I was in, I had a small amount of experience, and my covers were okay. I have my strengths (enhancing coloring, blending images together) and of course my weaknesses (I've never been particularly good at working with text, and I don't have much patience when it comes to cutting things out of images, or changing the color of things like hair or clothing). I redid the cover for The Only One myself a couple years ago, and I'm still pretty pleased with it; it better conveys the steamy nature of the book, and the warmer colors better express the overall tone of the story, plus I got to blend two images together, which has always been one of my favorite things to do. However, I was less enthused with my cover for No Safe Place . I searched endlessly for a picture that conveyed the tone I wanted, and finally had to se

Genre? What genre?

One of the most enduring traits of authors is that, for the most part, they tend to stick to one genre. Stephen King, James Patterson, Nora Roberts, David Baldacci; these names evoke a sure idea of what any given book they write will be about. They branch out from time to time - I know Patterson has done some YA stuff, and King sometimes goes for walks along the horror spectrum - but for the most part, when you think of an author, you know what kind of book you're going to probably find. And then there's me. Growing up, I was a fan of books in general. I read Goosebumps, and Fear Street, and Babysitters Club, and Nancy Drew, and as I got older, I got into James Patterson and Stephen King, I read Harry Potter along with the entire world, I fell in love with the Pendergast series by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. If a plot sounded interesting, I would read it. There are some genres I just don't like (particularly spy stories... just not my thing), but I'm willing to t


Seasons are changing, and I also need a change. Been feeling very burnout with regards to my actual day job lately, so I've been job-hunting this week. I've submitted a few applications, including a couple for writer positions at Microsoft, which I am very excited about. I did finally finish Becoming Family earlier this month and got that sent off to my readers, so hopefully I'll have some feedback soon and can finally get that published. My anxiety has been off the charts this week, mostly with regard to job stuff, so I'm really glad I managed to get that done. Still undecided about doing Winter's Noelle for NaNo this year. I think I need to resolve day job issues before I can focus on starting anything new. In the meantime, if anybody would like to help me out financially, you can either become a Patron , or donate directly to my PayPal . And keep watching this space for a Becoming Family release date announcement hopefully soon.