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Interview with Lincoln Cole: Day Seven

Time for the last question and answer from my interview with Lincoln Cole, author of Raven's Peak : The blurb for Raven's Peak gives off a Stephen King, 'Salem's Lot kind of vibe. Would you say this is an apt comparison? Is Stephen King an influence in your writing? I've read virtually everything Stephen King ever wrote, including the Dark Tower series three times. I love 'Salem's Lot and I love the fact that you compared it to Raven's Peak. When I was little, I tried to write like Stephen King, but it never really worked and I sort of evolved my own style instead, but I think the influences in the way he tells stories have stuck with me, including the kind of stories I want to tell. There's just a couple of days left in the Kindle Scout anniversary sale , so be sure to pick up some books!

Cover Reveal!

Happy April, everyone! Who's ready to see the cover for Finding Home Again , the follow-up to No Safe Place ? Hannah Cole, a graduate student living in Arlington, Virginia, led a happy, seemingly charmed life, until she was kidnapped from her home one night. Now, she must try to put her life back together, while spending each day battling her trauma-induced fears, and being awoken each night by terrifying nightmares. Slowly, with the help of her father David, and her friends Juliet Grayson, Chris Tyler, and Madison Cartwright, Hannah's life starts to return to normal. Along the way, old friendships are strengthened, while new ones are formed, and a tender romance begins to develop between Hannah and Eli Shaw, the rookie agent who helped save her life. I don't have an exact release date just yet, but it's coming very soon!