Limping into the New Year

Well, this year didn't start off with quite the bang I'd anticipated. The new job I started ended up taking a huge toll on my health, both mental and physical, so I ended up quitting ("limping" in the title of the post isn't just a metaphor...). I've been evaluating what kind of job would make me happy, and have set my sights on working from home. This is likely the dream for everyone, but I think in terms of my mental health especially, this is what will work best for me. I still have a part-time job, but I'm looking to add freelance proofreading and editing on the side.

To that end, I've finally set up a seller account on Fiverr, and have posted a gig for proofreading and editing. The packages I'm offering go up to 20,000 words, but I am taking custom orders, so if you have something you want me to proofread and/or edit that's over 20,000 words, feel free to contact me and we'll work something out.

If you would like to support me financially (and if you do, I appreciate it more than words could ever say), but don't have anything for me to proofread, you can also become a patron on Patreon.

I've had a bumpy past couple of months, and my writing took a hit as a result, but now that things seem to be settling down, I have finally started working on Crimson Hollow again. I'm also trying to get better about promoting my other books this year, and will be having a couple of sales coming up soon, so keep an eye out for those!


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