Goodbye, Kindle Scout

As some of you may or may not know, Amazon has decided to end the Kindle Scout program. I will admit, I'm a little saddened by this, because I'd hoped to submit the first Crimson Hollow book to Scout, but I also realistically knew that by the time the first book was ready, it was unlikely Scout would still be around; I just didn't expect it to end this soon.

Kindle Press is still around, though, and many Scout-chosen books are still with the imprint, mine included (though I still owe a little less than half my advance, so I don't really have a choice). I hope that maybe with a shift in priorities, Kindle Press will start doing more to promote the titles it has, including No Safe Place, but it's still too soon to say.

I am, of course, still plugging away on Crimson Hollow. Books One and Two are in various stages of progress, and though I'm not writing nearly as much as I would like, progress is still progress.

My trip to Virginia is coming up in just under two weeks, and I can't wait. I'm excited to visit old houses and museums, and just try to get a kind of vibe for the world of Crimson Hollow, which is largely set in the fictional town of Barstow, Virginia, and, of course, the village of Crimson Hollow. These two places are largely modeled off of the coastal towns of Virginia, and I can't wait to get a hands-on look for myself, rather than relying on Google Earth and photographs to set my scene.

Book sales are pretty scarce lately, so if you're read and enjoyed The Only One, No Safe Place, and/or Finding Home Again, please tell your friends, and spread the word. You can also support me on Patreon, or, if you don't wanna commit long-term, I'm also on Ko-Fi.

I'll try to update this thing more often, and maybe share a few Crimson Hollow excerpts here and there. If there's anything y'all want me to talk about, just drop me a comment!


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