Small updates, but updates nonetheless.

I have finally received my rights back from Amazon for No Safe Place, but it's not effective until December, which puts a bit of a crimp in my planned Christmas promotion, as I can't run a Kindle Countdown Deal on it until it's been up for 30 days.

However, I am still doing a Christmas promo, just on a different book: Finding Home Again will be on sale from December 20 through December 27! I've booked a few promos, a couple through tried and true sites, and one through a new one that I decided to test out, so we'll see how it goes.

I'm planning to place No Safe Place at 99 cents for the first few days, for those that might want to buy it again for the new cover and minor text changes (which I still have to finish, but NaNo...), and then I'll probably do a Kindle Countdown Deal on that in January.

The Only One will likely get its own KCD around Valentine's Day. I'm trying to make 2019 the year of better promoting my books, but we'll definitely have to see how that goes.

NaNo is going a bit slow, and I'm a bit behind. Too many distractions, but I'm not losing hope just yet. I am realizing just how little of Crimson Hollow Book 2 I really had fleshed out in my head, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

If you're participating in NaNo, I hope you're doing well! If you're not participating, I hope you're cheering on your favorite authors as they power their way to 50,000 words this month ;)


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