Long overdue update

Well, I didn't win NaNo this year. November was weirdly busy and I had a lot of trouble focusing on writing (or on anything, really, as it took this long for me to even make this post...). I did get about 21k written in Crimson Hollow Book 2, so I at least did something, just not as much as I'd wanted.

Finding Home Again goes on sale this week, and I'm excited about it. I've booked a handful of promos, and I'm hoping they pay off.

And a little additional treat for those of you who are fans of Hannah and Eli from No Safe Place and Finding Home Again, I'm planning to release a wedding short story some time early next year, so stay tuned for updates on that! As always, Patreon subscribers get first peeks at excerpts and cover reveals, so consider becoming a Patron; $1 a month gets you access to cover reveals, and $5 gets you excerpts.

I'm going to Colorado over Christmas to spend time with family, and I'm hoping maybe I'll be a little inspired to write once things have settled down and I can relax for a bit, but who knows, really.

If you'd like to get me something for Christmas, money is always appreciated, either in the form of buying my books or becoming a Patron, or, on the instant gratification side of things, donating to my Ko-fi account or straight to my PayPal account.


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