It's been... too long

I haven't posted here since February. Oi. Sadly, I haven't done much writing since then either. I've been so focused on getting my client's book finished that my own writing has fallen by the wayside, and now I've gotten out of the habit.

Fortunately, I think the end is very near on my client's book, and I'm hoping to get back to working on Crimson Hollow full force here soon. I'll have two weeks to myself in mid-October, and I'm really hoping the time alone could prove to be productive. I'll also be traveling to Colorado again over Thanksgiving, and driving back home with my mom, and maybe that time will also be fruitful, especially if I can find my flow again before then.

I keep forgetting to do a sale on The Only One, and I also keep forgetting that I want to publish a little novella in the No Safe Place/Finding Home Again 'verse. Maybe my memory will return to me soon too, lol.

My carpal tunnel has been bad in my arms and hands lately, which also makes me wary of how that will affect my writing. Surgery would undoubtedly help, but I don't have the money for that, unfortunately, so I have to muddle through with braces and ibuprofen. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak...

I hope to be back in full writing form soon, but in the meantime, if you'd like to help me financially, you can become a Patron, donate to my Ko-fi page, or donate directly to my PayPal. Every little bit helps!


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