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Anniversary Post: The Only One

This past Saturday, August 24, was the four year anniversary of the publication of The Only One . I meant to make a post, and then, in usual me fashion, totally forgot. (In my defense, that was the day my mom came back from Colorado and I was focused on cleaning up the house, lol.) But here I am now. The idea for the book (referred to as TOO for the rest of this post) came from one of my favorite Tumblr games, which was to have someone give you a handful of actors as your cast, you'd put your music on shuffle, and make up a fake movie based on the first song that came up. A friend gave me Dianna Agron, Darren Criss, and Billie Piper, and the song that came up was Jon McLaughlin's "Things That You Say" (title came from the line "tell me you're in love, I'm the only one, go on and lie to me with all the things that you say"). And in looking for the poster I made just now, I did not realize that TOO as an idea was as old as it was: I came up with i

Music + Writing

I've been listening to my Lifehouse playlist on Spotify lately, and I'm on an album that gives me a lot of feelings about my first original writing project because it came out while I was knee-deep in that project, and it got me to wondering about how other authors relate music to their writing. I'm not much of an actual playlist person (all of my playlists on Spotify are literally just one playlist for each favorite artist with all of their albums so I can listen to them all back to back lol), I can't write to music with lyrics because I get too distracted by the lyrics, but I have a lot of songs that relate to my various original works. The entirety of Snow Patrol's Fallen Empires album is essentially the soundtrack for The Only One (the song "New York" especially) while "This Love" by Taylor Swift is what I would want Richard and Piper's theme to be if it were to ever become a movie. No Safe Place/Finding Home Again have songs from se