It's almost NaNo season

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, for those unaware) is fast approaching, and I've been pondering if I wanted to do it this year, and what I would write if I did.

The first two years I did it, I won, and those fruitful months produced the first 50,000 words of The Only One in 2014, and then Crimson Hollow Book 1 in 2015. I tried it again last year for Crimson Hollow Book 2, but unfortunately did not hit the 50,000 word goal.

This year, I figured I would try to do Crimson Hollow Book 2 again, but I've written it in bits and pieces already, and I'm afraid that it's too... broken up to try to get 50,000 words done in a month, so instead I'm doing something completely new, and something I haven't yet talked about on here, at least not in any kind of detail, even though it's an idea I've had for several years now.

My hope is that it will go like The Only One did, which I was able to get done fairly fast and easy; it only took about six months altogether to write the whole thing. If I can do the same with this book, then I may actually get something published next year (shocker!), and hopefully that'll help bridge the time spent waiting for Crimson Hollow, which is going to take a few years to finish completely (I hate saying that, but it's true, I can't avoid it).

I don't even have a title for this new book yet (it's been in my head for literal years now and I still don't have a title for it; titles are hard), but as soon as I come up with one and make a page for it on NaNo, I'll post about it here.

If you're also a NaNo participant, feel free to add me as a buddy! And stay tuned for that new project announcement hopefully coming soon ;)


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