NaNoWriMo 2019: A Continuation

I've spent the last week naming the rest of my characters in Becoming Family, and also casting them because that's what I do, and now I'm finally done, so I thought I'd share the casting, and also a brand new summary.

Natalie Rose thinks she's doing well enough with her life. She's got a good job and a decent apartment in New York City, and though life could be better, it could certainly be much worse. 
When she discovers she's pregnant two months after a one-night stand, it's a considerable bump in the road. She knows nothing about the man she slept with beyond his first name - Nick - but she figures she can handle this well enough on her own, until she suddenly loses her job, and consequently, her apartment. 
Desperate now, with no one to turn to, she takes what money she has left and leaves the city, heading north to a small town in upstate New York to find the father she's never met, a lawyer named Graham Elliot. 
Graham is understandably surprised to meet the daughter he never knew he had, and though things start out a little shaky, he welcomes her into his home. Later that same day, they discover that the father of Natalie's baby is Graham's best friend, business partner, and on-again/off-again lover, Nick Russell. This complicates things, as Graham has been in love with Nick for some time now, but is too afraid to confess how he truly feels.
Graham introduces Natalie to his friend Dr. Alvin Harper, the town's only obstetrician, and as a favor, Alvin secures a job for Natalie at the shop his family owns, which is currently run by his children, Tasha and Ty. They welcome her with open arms, and it's not long before Natalie and Ty realize their feelings for each other are beginning to run much deeper than that of just friends. 
Becoming Family is a story about discovering what love and family really mean, and realizing that even if you don't end up where you thought you would, it might just be where you were always meant to be.

Natalie Rose
 - Dianna Agron
Graham Elliott - Michael Sheen
Nick Russell - Jude Law
Tyrell ‘Ty’ Harper - Chadwick Boseman
Tasha Hayward - Lupita Nyong’o
Dr. Alvin Harper - James Pickens Jr.
Camille Harper - Viola Davis
Jason ‘Jay’ Hayward - Aldis Hodge

If you saw the previous post, I've renamed Maggie Foster to Natalie Rose, and obviously expanded the summary a bit more. I'm still so excited to work on this book, is it November yet...

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