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It's the last week of February, and this month feels like it's flown by. Why does January seem to take forever to end, and then February just zips by? We're already almost a quarter through the year.

The No Safe Place free promo did amazing. It did even better than the one for The Only One, which surprised me, because romance always seems to be the number one big category. I think No Safe Place is helped by Finding Home Again, though; people are reading and buying it when they finish No Safe Place, which is wonderful, and what I hoped for. November was my best month ever since I started publishing, but this month is on track to beat it, I think.

The cover for Becoming Family has been commissioned, which means that so far, I'm on track with the schedule I made for myself this year. However, it's looking like the Christmas novel I'd hoped to release may get pushed to next year. I think I can get it written this year, I just don't know if I can get it finished in time, but I think it'll work out better this way, because I really need and want to get back into Crimson Hollow, and if I can have something to put out next year while I'm working on that, I think it'll help.

Becoming Family is still on track for a summer release, though, so stay tuned for updates on that.

One of my regular clients canceled service recently, so while the books are doing pretty good, my actual day job isn't so much. Another regular's wife passed away last month, so in a year he'll be gone up north to live close to his daughter. In the meantime, I'm looking at the possibility of getting into medical billing and coding, but I need to get certified, and why does school cost so much? It'll probably be at least $1000 to take the classes I need to get certified, and oof, I don't have that kind of money. Links below as always if you'd like to help in any way <3

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