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Strange times

So I'm pretty sure we're all aware that things are strange and difficult right now. COVID-19 is causing a lot of disruption and uncertainty. Unfortunately, as a caregiver, my job is considered "essential" so I don't have the option or the ability to stay home, but if you do, please stay home. It's not just for your protection, it's for the protection of everyone else. Staying home is how we flatten the curve and hopefully get this pandemic to end sooner rather than later. In the meantime, if you are at home and looking for something to read, I've got two of my books FREE on Amazon this weekend, The Only One and Finding Home Again . Unfortunately, since No Safe Place was free just last month, I couldn't make it free again, but it is, as always, available on Kindle Unlimited, as are my other books. If you've already read them, tell your friends, tell your family, spread the word. Even though my job is considered essential, there's no

Almost time for spring

It's March! This month will bring about the first day of spring, which always carries that sense of renewal and regrowth and whatnot. Of course, living in Florida, we've been alternating between all four seasons over the past several weeks, but the sentiment is still there. February was an amazing month for my books. It blew November out of the water, and I still can't quite believe how well the free promo for No Safe Place did. And this is the shortest month of the year! I'll have a nice little birthday present at the end of April, that's for sure. I'll be doing another free promo for No Safe Place in September (gotta have that Christmas money), so if you missed this one, stay tuned for that one. I'm still shooting for a summer release for Becoming Family , but it's much too soon to nail down a date just yet. Once I get the cover, though, I'll be posting that on Patreon, so head over there and become a Patron to see the cover before anyone