Labor Day

It's Labor Day, and I've been laboring lately, or at least trying to. I am determined to finish Becoming Family this week and get it sent off to my readers. I'm aiming for a November release, though it could be sooner, depending on how quickly my readers can read, and what all may need to be fixed.

I'm also hoping to start working on Winter's Noelle for NaNo this year, and I'm hoping that maybe won't take as long to write as it's a fairly standard romance without a lot of extra plot-type stuff. Except, you know, time travel.

One of my regular clients is moving away next week, which is bumming me out and also stressing me out because my hours at work will plummet and I have to hope I can get another client, or another job, fairly quickly. This is partly why I want to get BF finished this week, because I don't write well when I'm stressed out, as the past several months have proven.

If you'd like to help support me during this transition, you can donate to my PayPal, or become a Patron. I'm hoping to post another couple of BF excerpts there, and if I do decide to work on Winter's Noelle for NaNo, excerpts from that will be also be posted, which you'll have access to at the $5 tier.

I hope everyone is doing well, and staying safe and healthy.


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