Cover Designer Spotlight + Cover Reveal

When I first started self-publishing books, I made my own covers, because it was cheaper. Having spent several years making graphics for fun for the various fandoms I was in, I had a small amount of experience, and my covers were okay. I have my strengths (enhancing coloring, blending images together) and of course my weaknesses (I've never been particularly good at working with text, and I don't have much patience when it comes to cutting things out of images, or changing the color of things like hair or clothing).

I redid the cover for The Only One myself a couple years ago, and I'm still pretty pleased with it; it better conveys the steamy nature of the book, and the warmer colors better express the overall tone of the story, plus I got to blend two images together, which has always been one of my favorite things to do.

However, I was less enthused with my cover for No Safe Place. I searched endlessly for a picture that conveyed the tone I wanted, and finally had to settle for one that was close enough. It wasn't perfect, but it was passable, and it needed a cover. As time passed, though, I was less happy with it, and when I decided to ask for my rights back, I also decided to look for a cover designer.

I don't really remember how I came across Agata's site, Bukovero, but I do remember being very impressed with the wide range of styles presented in her covers, not to mention her price range was much more in my budget than some of the other designers I'd seen, so I decided to contact her about making a new cover for No Safe Place. I didn't quite know what I wanted the cover to look like, but she asked me for information about the book, important themes and scenes, and I gave her as much information as I could, and she came back with a cover that was utterly perfect, and that I never would've thought to make myself; I wouldn't have even had the skills to try.

I was totally blown away at how she just hit it right out of the park on the first go, and I couldn't stop showing it to people on my phone, "Look at this awesome new cover for my book!"

So, of course, when I needed a cover for Becoming Family, I went back to Agata. Again, I didn't have a very clear image in my head of what I wanted, and the first cover she sent me was beautiful, but not quite right for the story. I did some more thinking, and got back to her with a more specific idea, and the second cover was exactly what I wanted, which you can see right here:

I commissioned this cover back in late February/early March, thinking I'd be ready to publish the book by the time she got the cover to me, but as we all know, that did not happen, lol. But I am now hopefully very close to publication, and wanted to share with you all another one of Agata's beautiful covers.

Eventually I may ask her to do a new cover for Finding Home Again, but I have to devote the big expenses to new books first, so the next cover I'll ask her to do will be the one for Winter's Noelle, and I'm very much looking forward to having her do the covers for Crimson Hollow; her series covers are amazing. And considering how long it's going to take me to finish that series, I'm thinking I need to commission those covers soon...

But anyway, the point of this post is, if you're looking for a cover designer, consider checking out Bukovero. Agata offers both custom and premade covers, and I'm sure that whatever you have in mind, and even if you don't have anything in mind, she would make it beautiful.

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