Starting 2021 a month late

So. It's 2021. Happy New Year, a month later.

2021 hasn't started out super great for me, lol. I mean, nothing really bad has happened, but I think I hit the COVID slump a bit later than everybody else and have spent the past month just playing games on my iPad and watching random shows.

(What have I been watching, you ask? First I discovered Bailey Sarian's "Murder, Mystery, and Makeup" videos on YouTube and spent a good week and half/two weeks devouring all of those and seriously, if you're into true crime and enjoy watching people put on makeup, I highly recommend checking her out [and she's posting a new video tomorrow!]. After that I watched The Zoo on Animal Planet, which I've seen before but it's fun and basically comfort viewing, and then I got sucked into Dr. Pimple Popper on TLC, lol.)

But yeah, I pretty much didn't turn my laptop on for a month, and now I'm trying to get back into the habit and trying to start actually being productive. As I'm sure you've noticed, I still have not published Becoming Family. My carpal tunnel surgery is what really threw me off, and I haven't yet recovered my normal schedule yet. I have lots of edits and additions to make, but come hell or high water, it will be out this year.

Work-wise, things have been pretty shaky. I took vacation time over Christmas that I thought would be paid, which ended up not being the case, so that first paycheck of the year was pretty small, and now my client has canceled shifts for a few weeks, and I don't know yet if they'll be back, so once again, I will have a not so nice paycheck coming up soon. So, work-wise and money-wise, things are Not So Hot.

However, I am trying to sort of remain hopeful that something will pick up here soon. I want to get back into Becoming Family and get that all finished up and published, and then hopefully get into Winter's Noelle so I can have that out this Christmas. I'm also hoping to get back into updating this blog somewhat regularly.

In the meantime, if you would like to support me in this weird transitional period I'm in right now, you can donate to my PayPal, Venmo (Mary-Head-16), or Cash App ($marywrites), and if you would like to support me in the long term, you can become a Patron.


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