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Becoming Family: Chapter One

I've finally gotten back into working on Becoming Family in earnest, and decided to share the first chapter here! I'm really really hoping to get this finished and out soon, so I thought I'd give a little taste of what's to come. I'm hoping to post more excerpts to Patreon (I know I always say that, but I always mean it when I say it...), so if you'd like to see more before it's published, head over there to become a Patron!

2021 is a mess so far

Apologies for not updating this in so long. I don't know if anybody even reads this thing, but maybe there are a few of you out there. 2021 has been a weird year for me so far. For reasons I can't explain (possibly depression related?), I turned my laptop on maybe 3 or 4 times between January and like, the end of April. I've always been a person who was on my laptop daily, and for some reason, that changed at the beginning of this year. Of course, that also meant I wasn't writing. I have finally, within the last few days, started turning on my laptop again and working on Becoming Family , but man... it's been a process. I want to get this book out, but my brain is just not functioning right lately. I'm stressed about money (as always), and I need a new job, but looking for a job is probably the most depressing thing in the world. Sometimes I wish I had another marketable skill, especially something that was a little bit more instant gratification, like YouTube o