Preorder Becoming Family!

The preorder for Becoming Family is now live! I'm so excited. Head over to Amazon to preorder yours, and on February 1, you'll have a shiny new book to read!

A quick reminder of the summary, since it's been ages:

After losing her job and apartment in New York City, Natalie Rose heads to Riverton, New York, in search of the father she's never met. Pregnant, alone, and afraid, with no other family to turn to, she can only hope her father, a lawyer named Graham Elliot, will accept her as his own.

At first, Graham doesn't believe her, but soon accepts that she is his daughter, and welcomes her into his home. Natalie's relief is short-lived when she discovers that the father of her baby, a man she only knows as Nick, is Graham's best friend, business partner, and occasional lover, Nick Russell. Though this is much more than Natalie expected, she's determined to stick it out. She settles in at Graham's house and gets a job at a local shop run by two siblings, Tasha Hayward and Ty Harper, both of whom quickly become friends.

Becoming Family is a story about discovering what love and family really mean, and realizing that even if you don't end up where you thought you would, it might just be where you were always meant to be.


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