Release date! Preorder! Excitement!

Hello, friends. Happy New Year and all that jazz. Hope everybody had a good holiday season. I spent Christmas in Colorado as usual, which was nice, though there wasn't any snow, which was a bummer. Did a free promo for No Safe Place after Christmas, which I didn't post about here because it was really just something I wanted to do to boost attention for my books.

2021 was not a good year for my productivity, as I'm sure is obvious. Between burn-out from my old job, and getting the hang of my new job, my brain found it difficult to focus on much of anything besides games on my iPad and YouTube videos from some of my favorite people. I wanted to publish Becoming Family in October, but made no actual effort to achieve that end.

However, I'm determined to make 2022 at least a little bit better. Work is going great, I had a great annual review (well, 5 month review for me, lol) and got a nice little raise. I've settled into working mostly from home, which means I get to make my own schedule and work pretty much when I want, so long as I get my 40 hours in each week. Looking into buying a real desk to make that easier for me, since right now my work area is a folding table that I can't be arsed to get out and set up half the time.

What all of this means is that my stress levels have decreased a fair amount, and I finally was able to start rereading Becoming Family in December. Had some interruptions with work and traveling, but I just finished reading it last night, which means...

*drum roll*

Becoming Family will be published February 1! I'm going to be doing a preorder, which I will post here once it's ready, probably tomorrow. I'm excited to finally get this book out for y'all to read, and also to publish a book for the first time in almost 5 years...

I'm also determined to get Winter's Noelle written this year, in time to publish it for the holidays, and then to get back into Crimson Hollow, because it's been far too long. I'm hoping to be better about doing book promo this year, and also better about updating this thing.

(I know I say that a lot but honestly, I don't know what to post here half the time, so I'll be looking into ideas for that as well.)

Wrapping up, I hope you're all doing great, I hope there's at least some excitement about me finally publishing something new, and keep an eye out for the preorder link coming very very soon!


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