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So, about that book...

Hi. It's me. If you didn't already know, I'm terrible at updating this thing, but I've hit a new low, I think. Becoming Family has been out for two months and I haven't updated at all. Have I mentioned before I suck at self-promotion? So yes. Becoming Family is out. Not doing so well because of aforementioned suckage. Life is a lot these days. Cats have been having health issues, I'm still trying to figure out a good work schedule and actually settle into it, and I'm feeling a general apathy about being productive lately. I want to start working on Winter's Noelle . I can feel the urge, but the actual "okay so do it" isn't quite there. I'm hoping it'll kickstart soon. In more positive news, I got a new car! I got a loan to pay off all of my debt! Which means I'll have more money leftover out of each paycheck, which should hopefully mean I can start getting onto a semi-regular promotion schedule for my books. (And will hopefull