So, about that book...

Hi. It's me. If you didn't already know, I'm terrible at updating this thing, but I've hit a new low, I think. Becoming Family has been out for two months and I haven't updated at all. Have I mentioned before I suck at self-promotion?

So yes. Becoming Family is out. Not doing so well because of aforementioned suckage. Life is a lot these days. Cats have been having health issues, I'm still trying to figure out a good work schedule and actually settle into it, and I'm feeling a general apathy about being productive lately.

I want to start working on Winter's Noelle. I can feel the urge, but the actual "okay so do it" isn't quite there. I'm hoping it'll kickstart soon.

In more positive news, I got a new car! I got a loan to pay off all of my debt! Which means I'll have more money leftover out of each paycheck, which should hopefully mean I can start getting onto a semi-regular promotion schedule for my books. (And will hopefully also be a kickstart into writing, since money stress is the biggest cause of me not doing anything.)

It's also my birth month, and a really great present would be for people to buy or read my newest book, Becoming Family, and (please) leave some reviews! People have been buying and reading, but there aren't any reviews, and it makes me sad. So for my birthday, buy my book and let me and everyone else know what you think of it.


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