Finding Home Again

Hannah Cole, a graduate student living in Arlington, Virginia, led a happy, seemingly charmed life, until she was kidnapped from her home one night. Now, she must try to put her life back together, while spending each day battling her trauma-induced fears, and being awoken each night by terrifying nightmares.

Slowly, with the help of her father David, and her friends Juliet Grayson, Chris Tyler, and Madison Cartwright, Hannah's life starts to return to normal. Along the way, old friendships are strengthened, while new ones are formed, and a tender romance begins to develop between Hannah and Eli Shaw, the rookie agent who helped save her life.


  1. Will this book be released sometime during the summer of 2017? Many of us fell in love with Hannah and Eli and want to see their HEA.

    1. Yes! The Kindle Scout campaign ends on June 18, and if it's not selected, I'll be publishing it as soon as it's ready, probably within a week or so. If it is selected, it may take a bit longer, but I'll post updates here as things move along!


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